Our homeschool course offers a full emersion of hands on experience to horsemanship education.  This wholistic teaching environment gives an all encompassing understanding to equine stewardship, horsemanship, and handling.    We are currently running monthly courses (4 week class)  for newcomers and experienced students.


Class Details:  Our class gathers every Thursday  from 10AM to 2PM.  The monthly cost for each student is $300, or $100 per day for drop in's.


Please visit our registration page for course dates:   HOMESCHOOL CLASS


Some of the subjects that we will be covering:

  • Horsemanship
  • Animal Science
  • Anatomy
  • Psychology
  • Outside Care of Veterinary & Farrier
  • Ground School / Lunging /Horse with human interaction
  • Grooming, tacking
  • Feeding, cleaning
  • Riding / western, english, and bareback
  • Domestication of the horse


What to Bring:

  • Lunch and snack
  • Hand sanitizer & mask
  • Non breakable water bottle
  • SunBlock
  • Hat / Something to keep the sun off your head
  • Personal Helmet (if you have one)
  • Note book & pencil


What to Wear:

  • Boots or closed toe shoes with low heel
  • Long pants (No dresses or skirts)
  • Clothes you can get dirty
  • Place students name on belongings


 Horse Feathers will supply:

Horses, All Tack, Fun, Education, Tired & dirty children at no extra charge. Students are encouraged, but not required to bring their own helmet, labeled with your name.


Please visit website  to REGISTER    >>>>  REGISTER HERE  <<<<<



Do not help each other groom, or bathe horses. Except your camp partner

Camp Leaders ONLY to enter and gather from tack room & feed room.

Bring your own snacks, no shared snacks available.

Stay home if you feel sick with cough or fever

Frequently wash your hands and sanitize them

Groom & tack up your horse in specified tie spot

Use labeled brush bucket with ONLY your horses name on it

Maintain 6" - distance at all times! Exception: adjustment for rider to saddle.

Do not share any equipment

Cover coughs and sneezes with cloth, tissue, or elbow


Minor  Medical Release form to be signed upon drop off of your child


Please call for more details, Jamie @  831-241-8015