Boarding Fees

Stall w/Paddock: $510

Box Stall 14~16: $550

Paddock: $450

Full Care Services Include


Feeding of alfalfa &/or grass hay (2x per day, 1 flake per feeding), Bedding as required, & daily cleaning (6 days per week), fresh water

Extra Services


Blanketing $30.00 per month ($5.00 one time)
Feed supplements $30.00 per month (owner provides)
Special supplement preparation $30.00 per month
Handling Farrier and Vet $15.00 hour
Bedding: $15.00 per bag
Extra Hay: $5.00 per flake
Lunch Feeding: $150 for month @ $5.00 per
Administer Medications $10.00 per dose
Trailer Parking is FREE, upon availability