Horse Feathers Lessons

Box Stall & Paddock or Box Stall

Pasture or Paddock

Stall w/Paddock:
Full Care - $700.00
Full Care + feed/bedding -

Box Stall Only:
Full Care - $750.00
Full Care + feed/Bedding -

Full Care - $400.00
Full Care + feed -

Full Care 2 horse min- $400.00
Full care 2 horse min + feed -


Full Care Guidelines for Box stalls

Full Care Guidelines for Pasture & Paddock

-Full care includes Feed, Feeding, & cleaning.
-Full care + Feed & bedding means owner provides feed and bedding horse horse, Horsefeathers feeds and cleans.

-Full Care includes Feed, Feeding & Cleaning.

Additional Boarding Information:

Feeding: One flake of hay two times per day, Feeding hay two times per day, and cleaning once per day.
Shavings are not included in prices.
Trailer Parking is free. Limited spaces available.

Training & Lessons are available ask for pricing

Blanketing - $30.00/mo ($2.00 for once)
Feed supplements $30.00/mo (owner provides)
Handling for Farrier and Vet $15.00 hour
Bedding: $10.00/bag

* Overnight stabling options available, ask for pricing.





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